Happy go-lucky Obrimos with strong protective tendencies


David Kendell was born into a not-terribly-observant Jewish family. He and his sister Nancy celebrated their bar- and bat-mitzvahs, but for a religious ceremony, it was all remarkably secular. Part of him always felt some tenuous connection to his heritage, though, along with a desire to be of service somehow.

After graduating high school, he trained to be a firefighter with the Toronto FD. During this time, he had a short relationship with a girl named Sarah. Things never really got serious between them, but they ended amicably. After that time, he lost touch with her.

As time went on, David started noticing a spike in what he suspected were arson attacks. Some of these were obvious insurance scams, but others deliberately put lives at risk. Since he had taken specialist rescue training, he would often be with the first responders.

One of these fires involved a multi-storey apartment block. The fire had started on the second floor, trapping residents who lived above. David climbed in through a window and started looking for people. As he turned around a corner, though, he was met by an impossible blast of heat and light, and heard a voice calling his name. He plunged into the inferno, and found himself face to face with Ain Soph – the Eternal. He took the Shadow Name Nuriel – God’s fire – to remember that experience.

Two mages in one family was strangely comforting – at least Nancy (now calling herself Ullr) understood what life was like now. But when your ex-girlfriend and her brother also Awaken? Something fishy’s going on – but clearly they were all connected magically.

During the war, Nuriel turned into something of a terrifying figure, wielding power against the Seers who dared put Sleepers at risk. You could say he indulged his Vice a teensy bit. Reunited with Ullr, however, he was able to rein in his Wrath. (This is why he’s such a determined happy Obrimos these days. He doesn’t ever want to be that avenging angel again.)


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